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#tbt to last year's spanish open. Our team took 6 medals. I'm in the middle behind the coach.
I Remember that day as if it all happened last week. I had been sick for a week and did terrible matches but somehow I managed to win three fights. I was so tired and almost couldn't stand. I lost the semifinal in Golden Point (first point wins in the fourth round). Today I feel proud of my performance. I managed to take another A-class international medal eventhough the conditions where the worst.
This weekend our team is back in Spain to fight about the medals and I wish them all the luck! I know they have the capacity to great achivements and everybody will perform very good in one way or another. So to my teammates that'll read this: KICKA RUMPA FÖR NI ÄR FAN BÄST I VÄRLDEN, LOVE YOU GUYS!


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